Mixit Pro

Catch the color at the touch of a button


Formula updates at the push of a button

Mixit Pro is the formula retrieval software for better color matching. Mixit Pro provides faster formula updates than any conventional system. Due to its step-by-step help fuction, searching and finding the right color is very easy. It’s absolutely reliable too! The guided exploration will lead you to achieve consistent results.

Beyond formula retrieval
Mixit Pro has everything you need for fast and efficient color management. In addition, Mixit Pro supports your business with a range of reporting fuctions. This includes consumption analysis, access to recalculated mixes and reporting of material cost per job. User friendly inventory management completes the functionality of Mixit Pro.

Key benefits:
• Fast search
• User friendly software
• Help function with step-by-step guidelines
• Advanced reporting system
• User friendly inventory management system