Automatchic 3

Catch the color the smart way


Based on latest LED Technology
Automatchic 3 is a hand-held tool and has been designed to meet the needs of professional painters. It is based on state-of-the-art LED technology. Three sensors make optimal positioning of the tool easy. Stray light barriers prevent interference from external light sources making sure you achieve the most accurate result. After reading the color, the software automatically searches for the closest color formula and optimizes this formula if needed. For very difficult colors, Automatchic 3 offers a tinting step which automatically tints the chosen formula. With Automatchic 3 you can easily find the best color formula for virtually any car color on the road.

Easy to use
Automatchic 3 is a lightweight device making handling simple. Power consumption is very low and the device is fitted with regular or rechargeable batteries. Positioning is very easy and faulty readings are detected automatically. As we know, fast processes are vital to your success, calibration takes only minimum time. Operating the Automatchic 3 is straightforward.

Key benefits:
• Find the right color formula without a car color code
• High accuracy through lastest LED optical technology
• Easy positioning with three sensors
• Software that prevents mistakes
• Fast measurement process
• Handy carry-case with calibration tools and accessories